HS&E Policy of Technical Ship Management sp. z o.o.

The Management Board of Technical Ship Management sp. z o.o. is committed to making all personnel involved in the safety management system aware of the Company’s policy concerning the safety of navigation, health and safety, and environmental protection. The Company has the following objectives in this respect:

  • to provide the performance of work by all staff covered by the system in a safe manner,
  • to guarantee the operations of the Company in a safe and environmentally-friendly way,
  • to procure the safe operation of vessels and other equipment and systems used in sea operations according to domestic and international standards and guidelines given in relevant regulations,
  • to assess all identified hazards, and
  • to make continued efforts to improve the health, safety and environmental protection.

We fulfil the above objectives by:

  • meeting the requirements and the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the implemented Safety Management System, providing the active support to personnel involved in the fulfilment of targets that affect the health, safety, and environmental protection,
  • complying with applicable rules of law and other regulations, including relevant codes, instructions and standards recommended by IMO, the administration, classification societies, and organizations involved in navigation,
  • preventing accidents at work, occupational diseases and hazardous situations, and
  • improving the skills, raising awareness, and building up the commitment of personnel in health and safety, to keep improving the operations in all areas.

I undertake to provide the resources and funds necessary to fully implement this Policy and the involvement of personnel in its enforcement.

Wojciech Królikowski
President of the Management Board, Technical Ship Management sp. z o.o.
Gdańsk, 17th July 2014.
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