Geotechnical, geophysical, and hydrographic surveys

Surveys are carried out with the Company’s surveying equipment on Sylur. The operator of Sylur, a multi-purpose research vessel, is Miliana Shipmanagement Ltd. with its registered office in Nicosia, Cyprus, owned by LOTOS Petrobaltic S.A. Capital Group. The technical management under the ISM Code is provided by Technical Ship Management. The vessel has been used by LOTOS Petrobaltic S.A. since 2000, mostly for hydrographic, geophysical, geotechnical, and geological-engineering surveys related to the management of hydrocarbon fields as well as the maintenance of the production infrastructure on the Baltic Sea. Miliana Shipmanagement Ltd. employs a team of 17 experts holding necessary qualifications and licences, with long experience gained during the performance of projects for LOTOS Petrobaltic S.A.

Detailed characteristics of performed services:

The comprehensive surveys of seabed with physical tests of the crust of the Earth up to several dozen meters below the seabed to determine the soil resistance parameters for technical studies and the foundations of drilling rigs, the planned construction and operation of hydro-technical facilities, and anchoring other heavy structures in seabed, such as seabed plates, anchors of guy chains, and laying pipelines.
The locations, revisions, and documentation of pipelines, cables, submarine infrastructure and any obstructions (e.g. post-war unexploded shells), including their course and natural changes of the location on the seabed.
Physical surveys of the seabed surface, collecting soil samples for geochemical and contamination analysis.
Revisions and assessments of the technical condition of submarine facilities with ROV including digital documentation. The service and navigational protection while towing rigs and other vessels.

To carry out the above-mentioned tasks, the following activities are performed:

  • bathimetric surveys with SeaBat 7101 SV multibeam echo sounder by RESON,
  • seabed contamination surveys with Edge Tech 4200 sonar,
  • seismic-acoustic profiling of geological layers of varied resolutions with Boomer, Sparker by Applied Acoustics,
  • conducting offshore offsets based on DGPS navigation system and Easytrak Nexus submarine navigation system by Applied Acoustics,
  • drilling full-core geological-engineering holes with drilling rig H4-1H,
  • collecting soil samples with VKG-6 or VKG-3 vibro sounders,
  • measuring geotechnical parameters of soil with the static sounder CPT and CPTU with ROSON,
  • collecting seabed penetrometer deposits with Van Veena scooper, and revisions of any objects with ROV Phantom type vehicles.

As regards the area of geotechnical surveying, Miliana Shipmanagement Ltd. collaborates with LOTOS Petrobaltic S.A. and PRS-certified Przedsiębiorstwo Badawcze GEOSTAB that carries out specialist laboratory tests of soil according to applicable standards, as necessary to obtain required expert opinions and reports.
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